Birding Trip – Masinagudi and Thrissur Kole Wetlands

Recently me, Anil (Neelakandan) and a few other members of Discover Planet Intl. had a trip to Masinagudi and Thrissure Kole wetlands. The trip was conducted in two consecutive weekends.  A clear route map and preferred birding spots were already prepared which was very helpful to make it a huge success.

We took a slightly different route to accommodate maximum birding spots which really get paid off. I am sharing you a few images which I managed to click during these trips. It’s my pleasure to share these for your valuable suggestions and comments to improve.

1. Eurasian Blackbird

This bird was there in my target list from long and thank you Neelan for spotting this beautiful bird. The shot is taken from Nilgiris, on the way to Ooty.

Ooty and nearby areas are hostage for several vulnerable birds and mammals. Once rich with dense beautiful Shola forests, these areas are now becoming shorter and shorter day by day. Several near threatened species like Black & Orange Flycatcher and others are in danger zone with the present situation here.

Eurasian Blackbird

2. Eurasian Collered Dove

The picture is taken from Theppakkad, near to Masinagudi. Collared Dove is a medium size dove, similar to Rock Pigeon but slightly slimmer and longer-tailed. We could also spot Laughing dove and several other bird species from this area. The forests looks like rain shadow as it is very near to Bandipur and Muthumalai Forests. The summer was started already and the color is slowly changing from Green to brown and dusty.

Eurasian Collered Dove

3. Common Sandpiper

This shot has taken from Mulloorkkayal, near Parappoor, Thrissure Kole wetlands. Normally these birds are a bit shy to expose themselves to humans. I had to literally crawl almost ten twenty meters through the muddy small pathway of kole paddy fields to take a favorable position. Luckily the effort get paid off with some close up portrait shots of this bird

Common Sandpiper

4. Ashy Prinia

This is also taken from Mulloorkkayal, near Parappoor, Thrissur Kole wetlands. There were too many in this area, restlessly moving around the long grass bushes. Though the continuous call makes it easy to spot these birds, their restlessness makes them a very hard subject for photography.

Ashy Prinia

5. Yellow Footed Green Pigeon (Yellow Legged Green Pigeon)

Shot taken from Theppakkad, Masinagudi. There were a flock of 10 to 15 birds on this tree. It’s taken from a bit distance and the evening light was too warm. It was almost getting late in the evening and we were driving to a small dam site near Masinagudi. On the way we met a herd of Gaur and several Spotted Deers. The chances for photography was poor due to low light and thickness of the forest.

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon

6. Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis tickelliae)

This small passerine bird is another good catch, taken from a nearby spot to Kalhatty water falls on the way to Ooty. We reached there early morning itself with a list of targeted species. Luckily we managed to photograph over ninety percentage of species from our list. This is an excellent birding spot on the Masinagudi – OOty route. You need to park your vehicle and take a few hundred meter walk to reach this spot.

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