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Bird of the Week – Malabar Parakeet

The Malabar Parakeet (Psittacula columboides) – also known as the Blue-winged Parakeet – is endemic to Southern India where it is still locally fairly common – though their numbers have decreased due to loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade. The IUCN Red List categorizes this species as Least Concern, but still its a fact that the population size has not been quantified yet.
Size & Shapes
Adult parakeets are sized up to 38Cms.

Adult: The male’s overall colour is a bluish-grey, sometimes with a reddish-pink tint. Ring around the …

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Bird Watching Camp at Muthanga – Oct 2nd & 3rd, 2010

The Wildlife Department, in connection with Wildlife Week, is organising a two-day birdwatching camp for students in the district at Muthanga on October 2 and 3. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary warden has said the department will provide free food and accommodation for 20 students. Phone: 9495244170 and 9747442794.

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Baya Weaver returns to Palakkad Paddyfileds – Hindu Daily

A news to cheer up for the birders in Kerala, Hindu – a national daily – reports that after decades, Palakkad is once again turning into a favorute destination for Baya Weavers. Since 1970s, there was a huge drop in the numbers due to the decline in Paddyfield cultivation. This birds habitat is largely depends on the paddyfiled cultivation and south-west monsoon. Larger numbers are spotted from palakkad this year, according to the report. The new developments in agri farming might have brought back them in this year.
Last …

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Birding trip to Ooty

Birds of kerala is organizing a birding trip to the queen of hill stations “Ooty“.  Ooty is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which is a part of the western ghats and part of the Nilgiris. Dhodapeta Peak, one of the highest in the Nilgiris is found here. Many colourful species of birds endemic to the high altitudes of the Western ghats can be found here.

The Journey will start at September 17th 2010 evening and will end at September 19th 2010. The main focus of this trip will be Bird photography and Landscape photography.
Species …

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White Bellied Shortwing – A Vulnerable Species

The White-bellied Shortwing (Brachypteryx major) is a species of bird in the Turdidae family endemic to southern India. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is a highly threatened species and is likely to be endangered due to heavy habitat loss. This species is also known as Nilgiri Blue Robin.

Size & Colorization
It is a small, compact bird with a plump body, coloured with a dark bluish-grey head, breast and upperside, and a white underside.
Two subspecies of the white-bellied shortwing are recognised: Brachypteryx major major has …